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Elmo - 23 April 11:16

Hi Lindsey, I have a question for you. I've recently discovered what YAOI is, and at first I assumed that it was primarily for gay guys. But it's not! It looks like a majority of YAOI fans are straight women. My question is, why do some straight women like YAOI?

Leonardo - 2 January 10:29

Hell yes! Anytime. and you "yuck" guys, you still watched the whole thing didn't you? lol. you ain't foolin anybody.

Tolar - 25 February 13:11

So wet, so swollen, so ready for a big load of my thick, gooy semen.

Cernohous - 4 August 03:08

Dat bathing suit tho! SO CUTE! I love her, she is so bubbly and happy and you can tell that although she was speaking of some pretty negative situations (her doctor and the ballet instructor that she was still happy. Awesome influence!

Franch - 20 January 19:55

Pretty sure I'd have her cumming in no time with a cunniligus followed by some cowgirl penetration.

Joesph - 6 February 21:31

Soo cute

Johnie - 11 April 11:06

Will give you my special sauce