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Family Barn - Family Farm - Family Farm Seaside - Information and help on the game.
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2014-10-23 10:09:04 Madalina

thanks a lot but I found out myself when I bought it



user 2014-10-23 09:04:25 khristjan

Hi Madalina, the only thing you need for this Hippo hábitat is 6000 Greenery. No parts from friends and no RC



2014-10-23 06:34:15 r_gamer

Hey Sunflower 22, what are you talking about? What is "topis" for one thing, and where are the "bouncing pair of pumpkins?" (And I think you mean the Cocker Spaniel eats Beef; which you get by feeding Pasture, which costs 15 coins, to the Steer )



2014-10-23 06:22:35 r_gamer

Huh… so is it just that the levels above 30 are not listed here; you would be getting different orders though? Does it work like the Trade House order where it changes every 8 or so hours, or do you have to complete one to get a new order?



2014-10-23 06:16:29 r_gamer

Thank you so much, lin888! I am able to play again, although I have missed out on finishing both of the missions that I mentioned before… I am really going to have to contact the Family Barn people about cutting us some slack for things that are not our fault…. I am very sad to have missed out on both of the prizes, but am happy to at least be back and playing again.



2014-10-23 06:13:45 r_gamer

I know exactly what you mean, hanniakhan. I so do not want to level up any more because all it really does is make everything harder to do! At least for now I am still in the 2nd grouping for this mission instead of the 3rd like I usually seem to be…!



2014-10-22 21:50:29 Sunflower22

On Facebook on the topis is a bouncing pair of pumpkins. There are a lot of items for sale for a lot of RC. Mostly too rich for me, but for those interested in getting coins, I would really suggests the cocker spaniel for 30RC. It eats pasture 17 coins and produces white truffles 185 coins.



director 2014-10-22 15:09:31 mooducky

you do not get to pick an order you are given an order based on your level ... you need to give the items away sometimes you get half the items back that you give



2014-10-22 14:13:03 mido

TO beelak i cnnot find the sheep baloon in the gift box it s annoying i will leave the this farm a lot of mistakes



2014-10-22 12:54:43 JonathanLion

Whats the tree? Pistachio?



user 2014-10-22 11:51:46 lin888

r gamer you should be able to play on plinga site. I do not seem to be able to post with the link. Just do google search for plinga dot com



2014-10-22 11:41:35 hanniakhan

I have reached level 40 just a few days ago.I wish I was still on level 39 because then i could complete the mission easily.:/



2014-10-22 11:19:01 1pikefish

samii take the Pegasus this bunny was the reword in one of the missions



2014-10-22 10:30:03 sammi

what gift should i choose..? what is more valuable..? I totally have no idea



2014-10-22 10:10:04 Beelkaa

I did not understand what you wrote, but absolutely agree with you



2014-10-22 09:35:50 mido

بالونات العيد لا يمكن استقبالها و لا تظهر في علبة الهدايا .أصلحوا أخطاء هذه المزرعة أفكر في التخلي عنها نهائيا. هل من مجيب يا أيها المشرفون على هذه اللعبة. أين هي طحالب زرقاء و ......



2014-10-22 09:21:56 furious4z

sophie!!!pony gives some kind of stone



2014-10-22 09:20:27 furious4z

yay its easy 4 meee



2014-10-22 08:12:53 r_gamer

Hi everyone. I am sending out an SOS… The site that I have been playing Family Barn on for over a year, qiqigames, seems to have suddenly stopped supporting Family Barn. That is to say, my bookmark no longer works (it changes to their home page), and when I try to do a search on their site for "Family Barn", it does not show up. I have sent a message to the qiqigames site, but since I cannot get to Family Barn anymore, I cannot send a similar message to them just in case there is something wrong on their end. So, I am asking for anyone using this site to please send in a plea to the Family Barn staff to find out what went wrong. I have 2 missions ending in the morning, and would very much like to finish them - and get my daily calendar rewards…! Thank you so much to everyone on this site for always being so helpful. Please let me know via this site whether you were able to contact them, and what they replied, and thank you for your help and support on behalf of everyone who uses qiqigames to play this game.



2014-10-22 08:01:30 r_gamer

Thank you mooducky. So, if you are higher than all of these levels, you could do any order you choose? And you have to actually give away all of these products in order to get any Gasoline?



2014-10-22 07:58:47 r_gamer

So, I guess the admin for this site fixed the price of the RC needed, but not the number of Halloween Glass needed. Thank you for clarifying, mooducky.



2014-10-22 07:56:03 r_gamer

Thank you Sunny!



2014-10-22 07:48:00 r_gamer

Based on the earlier comment from pik, I believe the Mounds cost 3 RC each. You have to buy a new Mound for each of the 2nd and 3rd levels, which would then reduce the time by 60 and 20 seconds, respectively.



2014-10-22 07:06:30 aku

Mound how much this mound cost.



2014-10-22 06:45:17 Sophie

What does the pony give?



director 2014-10-22 01:35:37 mooducky

the levels show that you need to be that level in order to get that set of items to make.. how it works is each time you want gas you need to hire drivers 2 I think .. then once you do that you get one of the sets of items to make .. you make that set of items and then send the truck away 24 hours later the gas truck comes back with 1 - 3 gallons of gas ( you will know before you make the items how much gas the order is for)



director 2014-10-21 15:45:15 mooducky

it is 1 glass for 6 rc



2014-10-21 12:45:58 Sunny

8 RC total needed to build the Potion Machine



2014-10-21 12:44:32 Sunny

The Potion Machine needs: 9 Potion Machine Materials 9 Test Tube Racks 2 Potion Containers (4 RC each)



2014-10-21 11:41:05 Doodle

A little over 2 squares long and 2 squares tall. You Need 9 "Potion Machine Material" (but you get 2 from the first part of the mission) which can be asked for from neighbours , 9 "Test Tube Rack" which can be asked for from neighbours and 2 x 4RC each "Potion Container" parts to complete this. 24 RC in total if you are buying it all after the first 2 parts you get free.